tunesGPT is a service that provides brand-aligned music and sonic signatures for your brands’ advertising.

What does effective sonic branding sound like? Using innovative algorithms and non-conscious data, we’re able to create unique music that’s representative of your brand.

We offer a unique way of helping you solve your business needs and will do so within 5-10 days.

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Second-by-Second scores using 11-dimensions aligned with Brand values
Multiple clips per assignment for us in Ads with or without voiceover
Brand Sonic logos generated for campaign or Ads
All popular genres of music available
All music clips are scored using a mu-Score of > 4.0
Automated extraction of music from > 100,00 song clip database also provided
Custom scoring and AI driven music composition also available
All clips generated in high-quality broadcast ready formats


“We need the ‘right’ music for the brand launch—we just don’t know what ‘right’ might be.”

The EVP of Marketing and Brand Development voiced a common concern. For the company, it was magnified because the brand would launch in several geographies. For that key reason, and others, the ‘sonic signature’ for the brand had to work across cultures and different demographies. It was critical to get it right the first time, especially in a highly competitive category like theirs.

“What we learned from tunesGPT was how important the non-conscious mind is determining the way that music and sound affects consumers. Just because it sounds good in the studio doesn’t mean it’s going to ‘play’ well—meaning effectively—in the broad marketplace.”

tuneGPT’s algorithms are designed to isolate the specific moods that music evokes in listeners. Second by second, tuneGPT analyzes those emotions. The result is the ‘right’ music selection for the product, the brand, and the market. Beyond music selection, tunesGPT offers the capability of generating original music, tailored to fit the brand and product’s specific characteristics.

“Instead of guesswork we got certainty. And when you’re rolling the dice with millions in investment spending for a brand launch, that translates into smarter choices…and frankly, peace of mind for me knowing we’ve got advanced science helping drive the decisions.”