storyGPT is a cloud product that creates brand and product-driven metaphors. What lies beneath? By exploring metaphors we find the drivers of consumer desires as related to your specific products. We offer a unique way of helping you solve your business needs and will do so within 5-10 days.

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Metaphors are aligned to Brand values
Metaphors include non-conscious and conscious drivers of target consumer desires
storyGPT data base of >6000 metaphor families are available on demand
Metaphors can be evaluated by geography and include Emergent and Dominant territories for activation
Metaphors can be evaluated against the competition and a map of the top 500 brands is built into the tool
Cultural extensions for metaphors can be created for an extra cost
Activations of metaphors can be created for an extra cost


The North American Director of Marketing for a large international consumer electronics manufacturer was ‘direct’ when he laid out the question:

“Honestly, I don’t know the difference between a metaphor, a simile, or Mickey Mouse. I remember them from high school, but that’s about it. So I don’t know why metaphors are so important—not to mention what they’d do to help sell my upscale TV brand. You want to try and tell me?”

sensoryAI did—in one sentence. “Metaphors are the ‘shorthand’ that the non-conscious mind uses to grasp and understand things.”

“OK”, the Director answered. “And I should care—why?”

Because it is the non-conscious mind—not the conscious mind—that drives 95% + of consumers’ daily decisions. Metaphors go straight into the non-conscious mind for processing. Use them and you are ‘speaking the language of the non-conscious’, and the human brain prizes that which makes processing easier, faster, and more efficient. It’s built that way.

storyGPT draws upon a vast library of metaphors. A unique, unmatched databank. The storyGPT system applies highly sophisticated, proprietary algorithms that analyze a brand’s basic attributes and characteristics, its competitive marketplace positioning, that of its competitors, current marketing and advertising messaging, and the outcome is a ranked array of metaphors that the brand can put to use immediately to strengthen its core appeal to the non-conscious mind.

“So it’s a tool I can use for competitive advantage. Got it.”