fragranceGPT is a service that creates scent formulations driven by brand values. What does successful messaging smell like? We offer a unique way of helping you solve your business needs and will do so within 5-10 days.

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Formulations are aligned to Brand Emotional, Functional and Temporal values
Formulations include non-conscious and conscious drivers of target consumer desires
sensori.AI’s data base of over 100,000 top fragrance products are used to benchmark the formulation
Formulations are delivered optimized for cost per gram/ingredient availability and intended product use
All formulations include IFRA certificate for intended use
Fragrances are created by custom house to ensure quality is maintained


Local competitors in Asia are taking our market share? Global personal care leader was struggling with creating a unique distinctive fragrance in a brutally competitive marketplace. “Find us a fragrance that is new enough to be distinct from our competitors, but not too far to alienate our loyalists, and makes us appear premium”– this was the challenge machineVantage accepted.

scentVantage set about discovering the new fragrance algorithmically. What typically takes months, in a market dominated by just 4 global players, the algorithms set about designing and evaluation over a million combinations of Top, Middle, and Base layers of fragrances. Using unique metrics in Olfactory space, the algorithms discovered the optimal spot that was distinct, premium, and yet faintly familiar – all done in 10 days or less.

“Did you really pull this off in 10 days?” was the response of the enthusiastic Brand EVP. The product was made, and launched in the marketplace with a slow and steady re-accumulation of share. A win on all fronts.

“As a global company we are held hostage by 4 companies that have a clear monopoly of the Fragrance space. And fragrance is a critical consumer and marketplace differentiator for us. scentVantage has given us a tremendous category leadership opportunity”

-Brand EVP, Global Personal Care