Name your price. priceGPT uses Generative Ai and ML algorithms that align with strategic business objectives by leveraging turnkey business intelligence and competitor analytics. We offer a unique way of helping you solve your business needs and will do so within 5-10 days.

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Rate Sheets are generated on a daily basis(using historic loan performance, daily market share indicators and competitive position) , also on demand
Rate Sheets generated using two GenerativeAI/ML methods
Fuzzy-Logic rules
Optimization Engines can be tuned to internal preferences including margin floor, operational cost and price-elasticity
Fuzzy Logic rules Engine can be tuned using in-house rules used for pricing
Both Engines provide Accountability Audit that is available when rate sheets are generated
Engines use loan performance, market share and competitive market performance as inputs
Engines are available as an Azure cloud solution, on-prem or hybrid model


“Imagine having your product’s price change daily—and basically unpredictably. And not just daily, but often with even more volatility. Welcome to my world.”

The mortgage lender’s VP of Market Planning was describing the challenge he was posing to sensoriAI’s team: can your systems help us get a better ‘lock’ on the market? Can you apply AI and machine learning to enable us to achieve more consistent margins? Can priceGPT scan the mortgage lending industry and identify the most desirable brokers for us to work with?

“Think of it like an ocean. Every wave is different: smaller, larger, faster, slower. Our margins ride on top of those waves, constantly rising and falling. Being able to gauge, in real time, how to price our products makes the difference in terms of profitability. It turns out that with priceGPT, we finally have sophisticated science helping drive those decisions. It’s real-world help in a real-world, minute-by-minute market.”

priceGPT’s AI and ML-based algorithms are custom-built for the mortgage industry, and deliver results designed specifically to drive critical decision-making on an automated basis. In a business built on speed and infinite flexibility, priceGPT brings unmatched capabilities.

“We’ve never had a ‘secret sauce’ in this category. No one has. But I’d have to say, for us, priceGPT is just that. I don’t know what’s in their algorithms. I just know they work.”