Keeping up with the latest trends? trendGPT is a service that extracts trends and generates messaging and product innovations. How can you understand what drives the consumer in me? We offer a unique way of helping you solve your business needs and will do so within 5-10 days.

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Trends extracted by Week/Month or Year
All Categories are algorithmically included
CategoryBustingMetric, ClaimDynamics and Distance to Natural extract Sales Driven innovation insights
Top-10 claims and associated co-claims are available for each category
Non-Conscious drivers of claims provided using millions of Songs/Movies and TV Scripts
Conscious drivers of consumer choice are extracted from Google Searches and Twitter data
trendGPT includes Metaphors for each category
Activations from sensori.AI curated Innovation areas are provided for top-10 claims


What is the next BIG trend in ice cream? This global company was employing ‘social listening’, focus groups, mall intercepts, and other traditional market research tools. All of it seemed to be “too little, too late”, as the CEO phrased it. “Tell us something we don’t already know” – this was the challenge sensor AI accepted.

trendGPT set about discovering trends in the non-Conscious of the human mind – where 95% of desires and decisions lurk. Not easily accessible through traditional research, unique data sources and neuroscience grounded proprietary .ai engines of sensoriAI found occasions and flavors for ice cream.

“Okay, this new flavor scored as high as our best-selling flavor, how can this be?” was the response of the enthusiastic CEO. The seasonal product was made, and out on the shelves in just a few months – an unheard off phenomenon for this global manufacturer.

“As a global company we have to manage changing consumer trends across widely different markets quickly and efficiently. For our product planning and marketing purposes, we literally can’t afford to be behind the curve. trendGPT keys us into what’s emerging at the non-conscious level, which as we’ve learned is where purchase decisions are actually made.”

-EVP of Market and Consumer Insights