flavorGPT is a service that creates brand values driven by flavor formulations. Craving the taste of success? Using a database built on the most delicious recipes by the finest chefs in the world, our groundbreaking solution helps you find the best formulas for your products. We offer a unique way of helping you solve your business needs and will do so within 5-10 days.

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Formulations are aligned to brand emotional, functional and temporal values
Formulations include non-conscious and conscious drivers of target consumer desires
sensoriAI’s data base of >150,000 recipes are used to benchmark the formulation
Flavors are delivered optimized for cost per gram/ingredient availability and intended product use
All formulations include IFRA certificate for intended use
Sample flavors can be generated on demand for an extra fee


The company’s R&D Lab was famous for coming up with new food product flavors, many of which gained success with consumers. But this time was different.

“With a category like snack foods, the array of offerings out there is pretty daunting. It’s a mature market—the ‘easy pickings’ in terms of new products are in the past.” That was the brief that the President of the division laid out. “For us, there’s so much riding on the introduction of a new potato chip product that we have to call on new sources to be sure that we’ve got the correct flavor. We can’t rely solely on the ‘old method’ and simply hope for the best.”

The answer was found in artificial intelligence. Specifically, the suite of proprietary algorithms that sensoriAI has developed that are focused around flavors. tasteGPT deploys those algorithms across millions of potential flavor combinations, analyzing in seconds what would take human tasters decades. The result is a ranked output that delivers a carefully
curated set of custom flavors, drawn from every possible source around the world, and centered around the brand and product’s specific category, consumer profile, and competitor’s products.

“Speed to market was one of the more surprising benefits we got from using tasteGPT. We got the right flavor, but we also got it very quickly, and that meant getting the product into consumers’ shopping carts faster than we’ve ever been able to before.”